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How do I package and ship a Hard Drive ?

Go to our website to download the shipping a hard drive guide.  

1) Safely remove the hard drive from the storage device 

If you are not comfortable removing a hard drive, we recommend consulting with a certified local computer repair company that can assist you with the process. 

2) Place the hard drive into an anti-static bag

Ensure the hard drive is protected by electrostatic shock by placing it into an anti-static bag. These can be purchased at your local Staples, Walmart, or office supply store.


3) Protect and secure the drive

This is the most important step. The hard drive should be properly packed with at least 1-2 inches of space between the drive and the box. You can use bubble wrap, or anything that will act as a cushion to pack the drive securely. There should be no movement at all in the box before sealing it up.

Prior to sealing up the box, make sure to eSign the Terms of Service and place a note with your case ID in the box. We also advise putting a fragile label on the box if available.






Go to our website to access the full shipping a hard drive guide.