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How does your process work?

For a more detailed overview of how our process works you can visit our data recovery process page here.

1) The first step is to create a case in our online case management system so we can gather information regarding the specifics of your storage device.This will assign you a unique case ID to track any progress being made.

2) Drop off or ship your storage device to one of our convenient locations nearest you. Please visit our data recovery service locations page for a list of our locations.

3) Once we receive your device we will begin the evaluation process and update you promptly upon completion. The turn-around time on the FREE evaluation is 1-2 business days. We also offer an emergency evaluation as well. Please contact us if you have an emergency.

4) Upon completion of the evaluation, we will provide you with diagnostics of the storage device outlining the steps needed to recover your data as well as a flat rate price quote. Depending on the severity of the issue, turn-around times will vary. The turn-around times offered for most cases are the standard service at 6-10 business days, the emergency service at 3-5 business days, and the emergency expedited service at 24-48 hours which essentially means we will work around the clock until your data has been restored.

5) After approving the recovery efforts, depending on the service you choose, you will need to either provide an external hard drive or purchase one from us for the data to be transferred to once recovered. You will not be billed until you confirm that the recovery has been completed successfully.

6) Upon completion of restoring your data, we will provide you with a file listing for you to approve the recovered data.

7) Once payment has been received, you may choose to either pick up your devices from the location in which you dropped off or you may have them shipped directly to you.