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What can I expect from your ransomware recovery service?

-The ransomware evaluation is conducted remotely. The evaluation procedure typically takes 20-45 minutes to complete.

-We evaluate all options including restoring from backups, checking for a free existing decryptor with our partners No More Ransom, reverse engineering the malware, exploiting vulnerabilities in the malware code, or paying the ransom demand as last resort in order to restore business functionality ASAP.

-Expedited facilitation of bitcoin if required (may take a week or longer to acquire bitcoin on your own depending on the amount).

-We provide you with instructions to close the vulnerability exploited by the threat actor (hacker) who may attack your network again.

-Decryption services leveraging prior experience with thousands of successful ransomware remediation cases.

-Removal of malware on any systems we are provided remote access to.

-Troubleshooting any issues that come up in the process. This is an important step to ensure as many files as possible are recovered.

-Consultation with an IT Security Analyst on preventative measures to avoid future attacks.

-Detailed ransomware preventative eBook to avoid any instances of ransomware or viruses.

-Guarantee of decryption, or no charge (comparable to insurance). *We will notify you if this does not apply to your case.

-After we decrypt your data, you will have five days to verify your files before we bill you.

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