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What if I want to pay ransom on my own?

That is always an option and ultimately your decision. Our clients choose to use our services as opposed to attempting to pay the ransom and decrypting the files on your own for the following reasons:

  1. We help you close up the vulnerability that the hacker used to infect your network. We have seen hackers come back in and reinfect systems even after making demand payment. 
  2. We have a supply of bitcoin on hand to quickly pay and receive the decrypter.
  3. We utilize threat intelligence to help you make informed decisions on the threat actor. For example, we know if a threat actor is known to deliver a poorly functioning decrypter, or not provide the decryption utility after making a ransom payment.
  4. We screen the bitcoin wallets for OFAC sanctions or known terrorist activity before submitting any payments.
  5. We have experience decrypting thousands of ransomware cases with the ability to troubleshoot any issues which arise or utilize a programmer to modify non-functional or poorly functioning decrypters.
  6. For most variants, we offer a โ€œno data no chargeโ€ policy where if we do not receive the decrypter after paying the ransom, you are not charged. This greatly reduces their risk and you can look at this as an insurance policy. 

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